Vehicle Wraps vs Repainting

We know What you’re Thinking

“What will it Cost to Wrap my Vehicle?”
“Is it Worth it?”

When it comes to the cost to wrap your vehicle, there is a lot to consider that will affect the price. We have created a simple instant quote estimator to give you an idea of the starting cost for your project.

The price of the estimator will not be perfect, but will help you to have a better understanding of the cost before scheduling a one-on-one visit.

Some things to consider before using our Estimator

  • Current paint condition
  • Size of vehicle
  • Partial or full wrap
  • Material – Calendered vs cast, durability and Removability
  • Color, chrome, or custom printed
  • Details – Mirrors, Door handles, Grills, Door Jams, Etc.

Wrapping vs Repainting?

Wraps are a great alternative for changing the color and protecting the vehicles original paint.
Here are a few of the reasons our customers choose Wraps vs Paint

Protect the original paint for resell value on high end vehicles
Lower Cost for Exotic Color Changes
An uncommon color is chosen – (for example it is easier to resell a vehicle that is white vs a neon pink)
Short term color changes
Promotional advertising
and more

An uncommon color is chosen – (for example it is easier to resell a vehicle that is white vs a neon pink)
Short term color changes
Promotional advertising
and more

Color Change

Great alternative to repainting your vehicle.

Fleet / Branding

Custom Printed Wraps are a cost effective way to advertise your Business or Brand.

Not all Vehicles are Suited for Wrapping

Not every vehicle needs perfect paint to be wrapped. We often wrap older vehicles with rust chipped paint etc. But what type of wrap does this work for? Fleet / Branding wraps are the only wrap we recommend for any vehicle that has less than perfect paint, the reason for this is the wrap is designed to advertise the brand at hand and not the car itself. There for the damage from the vehicle will show through the wrap but will not affect the overall advertising graphic. See the Example below.

On the other hand Color Change Wraps are another story. If your vehicle has chips, deep scratches, rusting, dents etc. we recommend that they be filled, repaired and/or repainted before applying the wrap. In some severe cases the vehicle will need to be repainted before any wrap can be applied, otherwise the damage will show through the wrap. Wrapping a vehicle does not always replace the need for paint.

What happens if my paint is peeling and we wrap over it? Unfortunately if the paint is peeling the wrap is going to peel up with it. This generally happens on or around an edge of the wrap and causes the wrap to lift of the vehicle with the paint. Although you could do this and get away with it, the life of the wrap and possibly the vehicle body will be shortened and likely damaged in a short time.

If your intending to have a promotional / Branding wrap installed on your older vehicle a inexpensive solution would be to have all peeling paint removed sanded smooth and spray painted. This might not have the best looking results but will help to preserve the life of the wrap and the vehicle for the long term. Remember an hour worth of prepping can save a days worth of labor in the long run.